Paradise City

Putting the band together
An adventure to lure them in

Characters will be built much like our last AD&D Campaign, while planar travel will be there it may again fall into the background. I expect to run some classic AD&D campaign modules with just a little window dressing added to them (monsters will be in Gang Colors rather than Cult attire, bows and some other weapons will be replaced with light rifles ā€“ 1d6 and heavy pistols 1d6 or medium pistols 1d4 all RoF 2, if they have mounts it can be cars, swamp boats, or motorcycles). The dungeons will mostly be out in the swamps of Florida or on small Islands in the Caribbean (monsters can be left completely alone, but Iā€™m adding dinosaurs to Florida and the surrounding islands so those can be added in as well ā€“ high hit dice for low level characters to take on, but tend to lack ranged attacks).