Useful People to Know


Contacts are people the character can turn to for information, illegal supplies, or other assistance in times of need. They are often guest characters on tv shows or minor characters in movies the hero goes to because they are an expert on a particular subject, used to know the bad guy, or owe the main character a favor. Contacts can be earned in game by helping NPCs, but a player can opt to start with some to represent their life leading up to this point. Some types with an idea of general power are listed below (monsters could potentially be taken as contacts also – though the DM mat severely limit the help a very powerful monster will offer).

The 2040 campaign is essentially Shadowrun using AD&D rules. Cybernetics and equipment can be Cyberpunk or Shadowrun though I lean heavily towards Cyberpunk.

Shadowrun archetypes can be used (attribute x 3 gives a decent AD&D rating), for class and level assume those who are primarily combatants are Fighters, combat and utility mages are wizards, healer mages are clerics, entertainment types are bards, and everyone else is a thief. Level is their highest appropriate skill as their level (this means most are between level 4 and 6 with a few as low as 3 and some as high as 9).

Burned Out Mage: Wizard 4
Decker: Thief 6
Detective: Ranger 6
Elven Decker: Thief 6
Former Company Man: Fighter 6 or Thief 6
Former Wage Mage/Healer: Cleric 6
Former Wage Mage/Fighter or Prowler: Wizard 6
Gang Member: Thief 5
Merc: Fighter 6
Orc Merc: Fighter 5
Rigger: Thief 6
Rocker: Bard 6
Shaman: Cleric 6
Street Mage/Healer: Cleric 6
Street Mage/Fighter, Deceiver, Detector: Wizard 6
Street Samurai: Fighter 6
Street Shaman: Cleric 5
Tribesman: Ranger 6
Bounty Hunter: Ranger 8
Bartender: Thief 5 or Bard 5 (or F0)
Company Man: Fighter 7 or Thief 7
City Official: Thief 4 (or F0)
Corporate Security Guard: Fighter 3
Corporate Secretary: Thief 4 (or F0)
Elven Hitman: Fighter 8 or Thief 8
Dwarf Technician: Thief 9
Gang Boss: Thief 6
Fixer: Bard 7 or Thief 7
Humanis Policlub Member: Fighter 4 or Thief 4
Mechanic: Thief 6
Media Producer: Bard 4
Metahuman Rights Activist: Bard 5
Mr Johnson: Bard 8
Squatter: Thief 6 (or F0)
Street Cop: Fighter 4 or Thief 4
Street Doc: Thief 8
Talismonger: Bard 8, Thief 8, or Wizard 8
Tribal Chief: Bard 8 or Ranger 8
Ogre (troll) Bouncer: Ogre (standard) or ½ Ogre Fighter 6
Yakuza Boss: Bard 6, Thief 6, or Fighter 6


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