Conversion revamp


Characters not pursuing a class are still limited to 1 spell/day (1 bonus spell if a priest with enough WIS). Fighter and Thief abilities aren’t limited meaning the only real value of the fighter in advancement is hit points (though 10 hit points vs 4 is significant), thieves will have an individual skill advancement option meaning they can beat out the unlock characters at Detect Noise and Read Languages, but overall they don’t gain much.

Weapon restrictions only apply to Cleric/Priest (the mystic kit can alleviate the weapon restrictions) and armor restrictions apply to thief and wizard (wizards can only wear armor with 0 restriction while thieves take a 10% penalty per restriction point for modern armor – Stormtrooper armor would be -30% to thief skills while 0-G stormtrooper armor would be -60%).

Star Wars armor should use the physical rating for AC drop (most light armor is AC 7, stormtrooper is AC 4, 0-G Stormtrooper is AC 1). Cyberpunk would be 1 AC drop per 4 full SP of armor so Skinweave would be AC 7 while Metal Gear would be AC 4.

Droid skills would be 2 points per Die plus a base of 6 (1D = 8, 2D = 10, 3D = 12, 4D = 14, 5D = 16, 6D = 18, 7D = 20) if combat skills 1D = 1 level of fighter so 1D is thac0 20, and 7D is thac0 14 with an extra 1/2 attack rate in melee, 13D is thac0 8 with 2/1 attack rate in melee.

Cyberpunk Strength 10 = 18, 11 = 18/50, 12 = 18/75, 13 = 18/90, 14 = 18/99, 15 = 18/100, 16-17 = 19, 18-19 = 20, 20-25 = 21, 26-30 = 22, 31-35 = 23, 36 or more =24 (other attributes 11-12 = 19, 13-14 = 20, 15-16 = 21, 17 or more = 22).

Cyberpunk SDP convert directly to hit points (30 SDP = 30 hit points)


Quickie conversions for damage is 1D or 1D6 is equal to 2 points

1D = 1d2
2D = 1d4
3D = 1d6
4D = 1d8
5D = 1d10
6D = 1d12
7D = could be 1d12+2 but might just go 2d6
8D = 2d8
9D = 3d6
10D = 2d10

In Cyberpunk D10 is equal to 2d6, and in Star Wars speeder scale is the same
Light Vehicle Weapons take a -2 penalty to attack characters

1D = 1d4
2D = 1d8
3D = 2d6
4D = 2d8
5D = 3d6 (could be 2d10)
6D = 4d6 (could be 3d8)

Star Wars Walker scale would convert directly (1D = 1d6 D&D damage)
Heavy vehicle Weapons take a -5 penalty to attack characters
Save vs BW for 1/2 would make sense as the effect is usually explosive

Starfighter scale weapons would be -10 to hit but could do double the listed damage and characters should get a save vs BW for 1/2.

Medical Care

Medpacs are single use minor healing items, on a successful heal check each will restore 1 hit point (very little but they are much cheaper than healing potions)

A fast flesh increases healing by 1 point for the day but takes the place of herbalism, it isn’t used up and maybe used over and over but only for regular healing and only 1 point/day per patient.

Bacta tanks heal 1 hit point per hour (up to 24/day) using 1 unit of bacta per point (a full tank holds 300 units)

Medicines are used to refill bacta tanks or can be used with healing to treat poison or disease, each unit is a single use but can be used for all 3 activities (each medicine treatment allows a new save vs the poison or disease for that use; give a bonus of 1/3 healing skill rounded down to roll for doctoring)


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