Vehicle: Gravsters

Levitating Classics


Using Star Wars level technology the gravster would go back to being a repulsorlift option, landspeeders would cost about 50% more than wheeled cars while airspeeders would be at least double the landspeeder cost (more if higher performance or suborbital altitudes were desired).

After market repulsorlift conversion kits could be more or less depending on how extensive they are (need to convert engine power to electricity generation and thrust or could completely replace the original engine system). A standard kit would run $5,000 but more could be spent for performance upgrades, higher lift capacity, longer range, and other options.


Magic powered gravsters are possible as well using either levitation or suspend for lift and either conventional thrust, sails, or something like gust of wind for motive power.

Power-lane dependent items cost much less than full magic items but stop working if removed from a power lane (lower cost to 1/10 base).

Levitation (full) is 2nd level, 3rd caster minimum, and has a duration of turns (10s of minutes) so the base is $120,000 for 300lb plus $40,000 per extra 100 lb to a max of 2,000 lb

Suspension (full) is 7th level, 14th caster minimum, and has a duration in days so the base is $980,000 for 14,000 lb plus $70,000 per extra 1,000 lb to 20,000 lb maximum.

Vehicle: Gravsters

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